Pythia Beta:
everything you need to know

Pythia Bot has been open to the public as a beta product and we would like to explain to you what it means.

The “Beta” definition

What does “Beta” mean?

The beta phase begins when a product propels from “functional but hideous” to “polished and ready to go.” Bugs are hunted down and fixed, features are improved or revamped for maximum usability, the interface and graphics receive an overhaul, and performance issues are optimized. Even though beta testing occurs as the third step in development, it can often be the longest phase because there are so many aspects to test.

The beta phase is typically initiated when a product is opened up to those who haven’t been involved in development. An open beta or public beta is a free (as in liberty) release that allows anyone to try it out.

What to expect from beta software: You should expect a beta product to be “feature complete,” meaning that everything that’s intended to be in the final product has been implemented. You may experience major and minor bugs that break certain portions of the product, but rarely will you find critical bugs that require immediate attention. Beta software can go through a lot of changes, so expect frequent patches and updates.

Pythia Beta

What “Beta” means for Pythia

As we explained above the product is “ready” to be used publicly, and it’s free for everyone who wants to give it a try (no credit card required). Once the beta period ends, conditions could change. Pricing plans could be introduced, privacy policies could be changed, etc. Of course none of these changes will be done without notifications and clear explanation of what is changing and why.

For those customers who provide valuable product feedback we would like to thank them with a free plan forever! Looking forward to hearing all your love 🙂