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Harmonious system

Current systems are often disjointed and cumbersome to navigate, so pulling them together into a system that is easier to understand will ensure owners and decision-makers actually read their data.

Add WooPythia plugin to any WordPress site and connect it to the Pythia platform in one-click. Add and aggregate your data from your e-commerce platform to your payment gateways and Google Analytics accounts.

Our Features

Why Pythia is different

One Click

No code, no integration teams, no agencies, a few clicks is all you need to understand business better.


See how sales are performing, your most valuable products, and other critical pieces of information.


We give you the ability to have all of your data in the palm of your hand.

Beta Version

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Pythia Bot has been open to the public as a beta product! The product is “ready” to be used publicly, and it’s free for everyone who wants to give it a try (no credit card required).

What does Beta mean?
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